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Pace Culture Warrior Marlynn Mays

Pace Culture Warrior Marlynn Mays

Meet Marlynn

Being born into a family of owner-operators was only the beginning for Pace Culture Warrior Marlynn Mays. “Transportation has always been a part of my life,” said Marlynn. “My grandparents had a fleet of 24 dump trucks.” From that heritage Marlynn carved her own place in the industry becoming an owner-operator for FedEx Ground.  

Fast forward to fall of 2020. The pandemic lockdowns hit Marlynn’s business hard. FedEx shut down her routes. “I was devasted about losing my routes with FedEx,” she said. But her self-evaluation of her credentials and her confidence in her abilities resulted in a great result for Pace. “Alright I’ve got my Class A CDL,” she said to herself, “and I know I’m able to find a job with it.” She answered a Pace ad for drivers and found herself sitting in an interview with Cadle Mitchell, who took her to Beau Crook and insisted “We’ve got to hire Marlynn.”  

Modeling Core Values

A prime example of our core value Always improve, as a Pace Culture Warrior, Marlynn has grown into her current roles contributing to our mission - Serving and improving lives through logistics - as a Certified Driver Trainer, Regional Supervisor, and a member of the Safety Committee. 

Marlynn’s nominator for Culture Warrior of the Quarter says that she is “Great with helping employees with anything they need. Even if not in her department she will take her time out to direct you to the right person or team and always has a smile and a great attitude.” 

Marlynn says that “Pace is like family,” and that she “wants to retire with Pace.” 

Talking with our Pace Culture Warrior

Keeping Pace was happy to catch up with Marlynn despite her busy schedule to learn what drives her to Always improve. 

Keeping Pace: Who or what inspires you? 

Marlynn: Coming from a remarkably close tight knit family. They are not only my biggest supporters but my greatest Inspiration. Also, the author, speaker, and pastor John Maxwell said, “teamwork makes the dream work, but a vision becomes a nightmare when the leader has a big dream and a bad team.” 

Keeping Pace: What makes you happy about your work?  

Marlynn: I'm most happy about the stability having a CDL brings to the lives of myself and my loved ones. 

Keeping Pace: How does our core value to Always improve fit into your life, your work, and your day? 

Marlynn: Sometimes we have a great day, sometimes days are rough. When not having a good day, I remember that tomorrow is a re-start. I always want to do better, and I know that tomorrow being a new day means I have a new opportunity to do better, to learn, and to contribute. If I keep the attitude that the glass is half full, not half-empty, I can pull anything off.  

Keeping Pace: What does Do the Right Thing mean to you in the work you do with our teammates and for our customers?  

Marlynn: Doing the right thing for me equals putting personal feelings aside and being fair all the time every time across the board. PERIOD!!! 

Marlynn’s can-do attitude, her willingness to go above and beyond, and her daily reminder to herself to Always improve is a benefit to her teammates and Pace’s customers.  Congratulations, Marlynn, on your Culture Warrior award! Thank you for all you do for Pace.

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