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Pace Culture Warrior Lindsay Boyd

A Culture Warrior Who Always Improves

Pace Compliance Specialist and Culture Warrior of the Quarter Lindsay Boyd has a straight-forward approach to our Pace Core Value to Always improve. “Each day," comments Lindsay, “I have the pleasure of working with a team who brings diverse capabilities and ideas to the table. We share our uniqueness with each other and are constantly learning and growing together. Sharing our ideas and leadership makes working on group projects and everyday tasks seamless.”   

A Diverse Career at Pace

During her five years at Pace, Lindsay has served in Customer Success, Finance, and now Compliance.  Throughout every step of her Pace journey, Lindsay has exemplified learning and growing together.  Lindsay’s nomination for Pace Culture Warrior of the Quarter emphatically praises how Lindsay has “really helped the Compliance team in our efforts to be as efficient as possible. She communicates with our carriers in a way that is professional and lets them know what is needed to become (or stay) compliant...she keeps a positive and professional attitude and is eager to help in any way she can.” 

A Talk with our Pace Culture Warrior

Keeping Pace’s conversation with Lindsay shed more light on our teammate’s outlook and her role.  

Keeping Pace: Please tell us about your role at Pace.  

Lindsay: As a Compliance Specialist, I work with a team who assists independent contractors, freight agents, and W2 drivers through the onboarding process. I enjoy coordinating with members of our Operations, HR, and Recruiting Teams to ensure all the drivers we onboard are on the road quickly to serve our customers while ensuring compliance is maintained throughout the process. 

Keeping Pace: Please share a little insight into your background and/or your life outside of work? What do you want the Pace family to know about you?  

Lindsay: Outside of work I am a proud mother to a 17-year-old sports enthusiast, Aden, who is a senior in high school. Aden will be heading off to play college football in July at Washington and Lee University in Lexington, VA, which leaves me busy preparing myself and him for that day to arrive. As a mother, I work hard to raise a kind, intelligent, hardworking son who is a leader, and what better way to guide him in that direction than by practicing what I preach? When I am not attending his football and baseball games, I enjoy traveling, hiking, and kayaking. 

Keeping Pace: Who or what inspires you? 

Lindsay: Hands down, my son is my inspiration. Just catching a glimpse of how hard he works towards including and encouraging others, overcoming adversity, and working endlessly to ensure his dream of playing college football becomes a reality is beyond my comprehension and truly inspirational.  

Keeping Pace: What do you find challenging about your work, and what resources do you draw upon to help you? 

Lindsay: Onboarding drivers in a crunch while ensuring they meet all qualifications can be challenging. I utilize my knowledgeable teammates as a resource since each of them has a different background and strengths; with them, the answer and teaching moments are always close by. 

Keeping Pace: What does Always Improve mean to you?

Lindsay: When I think about improving myself in any aspect, diversity always comes to mind. Surrounding myself and family around people with vastly different backgrounds, beliefs, and cultures is top on my list and opens my eyes to new ideas which also leads to the bigger picture, GROWTH! I enjoy sharing knowledge others have taught me and applying it to my work and personal relationships, it allows me to adapt quickly to new situations. You are never too old to learn, grow, and improve yourself!

Keeping Pace: Is there a small anecdote or story you would like to share about your team? This can be heartfelt, funny, or educational! 

Lindsay: Our team has a playful spirit with good chemistry, and we have each other’s back. They allow me to be myself and encourage me to grow both inside and outside of work. I am truly thankful for each of them and to be a part of the Compliance Team. 

We are fortunate and thankful to have a Pace Culture Warrior like Lindsay who contributes daily in her many roles to who we are, how we work, and how we support each other and help our customers.  

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