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Servant Spirited Shauntelle Samples Shows How It’s Done

Pace Logistics Supervisor Shauntelle Samples says she is inspired by her sons and nephew to “love and care for all people, especially those in need.” Those of us fortunate enough to have spent time in her presence, or to have benefited from her help, we get it.

Shauntelle was nominated by three nominators for the coveted award. Her nominators praised her “Do what you say” servant spirit.

“Shauntelle communicates with our customer and driver base effectively and with a good attitude. She has trained many dispatchers in all our systems and never lets a question go unanswered,” one of her nominators reported.

“We work in a very fluid industry, with challenges and obstacles constantly changing and shifting. Shauntelle continuously follows through on expectations regardless of how any given situation changes. Whether it means working a longer day, or stepping outside of her job description, she always comes through with exactly what she said she would,” said another.

Her third nominator said that “Shauntelle is the epitome of our core value to Do what you say. I cannot explain how much relief I feel when I know Shauntelle is on a task. She never breaks her word and whatever is asked of her will be done to the exact specifications. She’s a rare find and ATL is so very lucky to have her.”

To learn more about Shauntelle and her penchant for doing what she says and helping others, Keeping Pace was delighted to spend some time with her.

KEEPING PACE: Please tell us about your role at Pace Atlanta.

SHAUNTELLE: My current role at Pace is Dispatch Supervisor. Outside of this title, I do whatever I can do to support our operation.

KEEPING PACE: How many years have you been on the Pace Team?

SHAUNTELLE: For nearly 10 years I have worked with Pace on the front lines of transporting goods throughout the nation!

KEEPING PACE: What do you find challenging about your work, and what resources do you draw upon to help you?

SHAUNTELLE: With transportation and logistics there are always challenges. Within these challenges I always recommend asking questions and taking time to do some research. I work with a team of people who have individual talents and knowledge. One of my greatest resources to draw upon are my co-workers.

KEEPING PACE: What does our core value – Do what you say - mean to you in the work you do with our teammates and for our customers?

SHAUNTELLE: To “Do what you Say” is to be reliable. There is no doubt of the importance of reliability in the workplace. Dependability and reliability in the workplace are very beneficial qualities, no matter what kind of job you are doing or what career path you have taken. To be reliable is to be dependable, trustworthy, and responsible for what you are doing. My peers can trust without hesitation I will, “Get the job done”!

KEEPING PACE: What does Do what you say mean to you outside of working with Pace?

SHAUNTELLE: To “Do what you Say” is just as important in my personal life. As a parent it is my responsibility to teach my children the importance of being reliable. Reliability is such a valuable trait, and there is such an importance of being dependable. Being reliable has so many benefits, it allows for other good qualities to shine within you. You are more likable, valuable, dependable, more attractive, trustworthy, and more responsible.

KEEPING PACE: Who or what inspires you?

SHAUNTELLE: My children inspire me in so many ways. I am inspired by them to be my best and exemplify greatness during all times. They inspire me to be a leader and sometimes a follower. I am inspired to love and care for all people especially those in need. My boys inspire me to be honest, fair, exude positive vibes and maintain a positive environment.

KEEPING PACE: Can you please give a little insight into your background and/or your life outside of work? What do you want your Pace family to know about you?

SHAUNTELLE: Professionally, I have over 20 years of experience in the transportation industry. At home, I am an auntie/mommy to 4 young men ranging in age 4-15! Not only do I have 3 biological sons, but I also have my late sister’s son. The boys are a blast, and I wouldn’t change this experience for anything.

Whether keeping her word at work with her teammates or Pace customers, or keeping her word at home and in her community, Shauntelle’s quest to help those in need shows the way for us all.

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