Making a Difference with Braedon Miller

Pace Business Systems Manager Braedon Miller spent 268 days on the road over the last eighteen months contributing his part toward “Solving Logistics Together.” Formerly a Bessemer warehouse employee, and a part-timer in Bessemer over the summers while he was a student at Mississippi State University, Braedon joined Pace full time in 2021 and has served… Read more!

Servant Spirited Shauntelle Samples Shows How It’s Done

Pace Logistics Supervisor Shauntelle Samples says she is inspired by her sons and nephew to “love and care for all people, especially those in need.” Those of us fortunate enough to have spent time in her presence, or to have benefited from her help, we get it. Shauntelle was nominated by three nominators for the coveted award. Her nominators praised her “Do what… Read more!

Culture Warrior Christine Lam “Coaches Us Up”

Pace Culture Warrior Christine Lam enjoys being an assistant coach for her boys’ youth soccer program. As a Logistics Supervisor at Pace Dallas, it’s obvious she also enjoys coaching and encouraging her team on our quest for Solving Logistics Together, as we serve our customers and each other. Christine’s enthusiasm for her work is evident, as she talks about… Read more!

Knotty Problems in Logistics

According to the Collins online dictionary, a “KNOTTY”problem is one that is complicated and difficult to solve. Collins also says that a “PROBLEM” is a situation that is unsatisfactory and causes difficulties for people.  No kidding. We’ve all experienced situations in our personal AND professional lives that resemble a KNOTTY PROBLEM. And many… Read more!

Pace Culture Warrior John Ward

Pace Culture Warrior John Ward shows us the way when it comes to developing trust among teammates and with our customers. As Logistics Supervisor for Pace Atlanta, John is an advocate and role model for dependability. Being trusted to deliver on what he says he will do is an important asset John brings to the Pace team.  His nominator for Culture Warrior… Read more!
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