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Making a Difference with Braedon Miller

Pace Business Systems Manager Braedon Miller spent 268 days on the road over the last eighteen months contributing his part toward “Solving Logistics Together.” Formerly a Bessemer warehouse employee, and a part-timer in Bessemer over the summers while he was a student at Mississippi State University, Braedon joined Pace full time in 2021 and has served relentlessly since.

Braedon’s nominator for Culture Warrior says that he “is exactly what Pace strives to be and is the poster child for our core values. It’s evident in how he supports every terminal he touches. Supporting startups in Atlanta and Dallas, Braedon puts in as many hours as any member of the local team. He leads teams for better results, and he is always looking for solutions to meet and exceed customer expectations.”

Always a joy to be in his presence due to his happy, can-do attitude, Keeping Pace shared a few great moments gaining inspiration from Braedon.

KEEPING PACE: Please describe your role with Pace.

BRAEDON: Over the past 18 months I have been in our Operations Support Specialist role. I spent time traveling and working with our operations teams in the field for new customer startups, training, and process improvement. I had the unique opportunity to meet a large part of the company and truly understand how Pace operates and the people in the field that make it happen. This also adds a huge perspective to why things in the field are the way they are, good or bad, and has allowed me to bridge some of the disconnect between Corporate and Operations. My biggest goal was always to support the terminal I was at in whatever way they needed. Of course, there are set goals and plans for every trip, but what I saw was needed most was someone Operations could talk with. They thoroughly explain their situation, and how it got to the current state. Most times as we worked to understand the why, there were honest mistakes, and my role was to be ready to meet them in the middle and fix it.

These past two months I ran our Amazon cross dock MGEZ in Cartersville, Georgia and just returned to the office this week where I will begin my new role in Systems supporting Dispatch and our new routing team.

KEEPING PACE: Who or what inspires you?

BRAEDON: The fact that no matter what I have in the day ahead of me there is always someone who has it worse who’s persevering.

KEEPING PACE: What does our core value – Do what you say - mean to you in the work you do with our teammates and for our customers?

BRAEDON: It means integrity. If you don’t follow through on actions you set yourself, you will never be truly respected.

KEEPING PACE: What does “Do what you say” mean to you outside of working with Pace?

BRAEDON: I think all of Pace’s core values align with someone who wants to be good at life. If you don’t do what you say, who around you is going to want to continue to come around? People respect accountability.

KEEPING PACE: What do you find challenging about your work, and what resources do you draw upon to help you?

BRAEDON: “Control what you can control.” It is very easy to get pulled in several different directions and stretched thin on capacity. Identity which of those directions you have some control over and where you can make the biggest impact possible.

KEEPING PACE: What makes you happy about your work?

BRAEDON: Knowing I can make a difference. We probably have a few more issues than we like to admit, but it opens the door for people who truly want to make a difference and prove something.

KEEPING PACE: Can you please give a little insight into your background and/or your life outside of work?

What do you want your Pace family to know about you?

BRAEDON: I wish I had something more exciting to share. I go to work, eat good food, get a drink depending on the day, watch some sports and do it all again the next day. I’ve been on the road so much over the past 18 months, my life outside of work depended on where I was, but was typically based around that.

Spend some time with Braedon, and it’s obvious that making a difference is his key. His wide range of experiences at Pace spans from handling parcels and freight in one of our warehouses, to operational support, and finally to assuming managerial leadership of a key team. Developing solutions – whether directly for a customer or within our daily work at Pace – is the essence of Serving relentlessly.

Our Pace culture revolves around our values. Whether it’s Do what you say, Do the right thing; Always improve; or Get the job done; it all adds up to Serve relentlessly. Braedon’s efforts each day to make a difference are inspiring to all of us at Pace.

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