History, Culture, and Values at Pace

Why Pace?

We provide dependable and versatile ground transportation logistics solutions – built to order.

By partnering with you, we create customized solutions that exceed your expectations.  We are passionate about solving logistics together. After more than two decades of experience, we have confidence in this approach.  

We promise to serve you, our fellow teammates, our partners, and our communities relentlessly.  We go the extra mile to get the job done with precision and dependability.  

We operate with the passion and care of a local small business, but with the scale, precision, and capabilities of a multi-regional corporation.  

Our History

First, Pace was Integrity Dash, also started by our founder, Weyburn Wakeford.

Integrity Dash was a corporation dedicated to providing urban youth opportunities to develop job skills and promote a successful transition to independence, stability, and employment in the job market.

Its specialty was local express custom delivery.  While Integrity Dash experienced many successes, it was structured in a way that limited its ability to grow.

Pace became the solution!  Since 1997, Pace has been providing first class customized logistics solutions while moving forward our mission. We are proud to say that while we’ve grown and evolved as a business, our mission has stayed much the same. 

When you work with Pace, we’ve got your back.

Contact us, and let’s start Solving Logistics Together today!

Our mission is to serve and improve lives through logistics.  

We believe our values and culture drive this mission forward.  

Our Values

Serve relentlessly.  Be compassionate. Be persistent. Serve tirelessly.  Be tenacious.  Never stop caring or serving.  Go the extra mile and keep on going.  

Do the right thing. Always act with character and integrity in everything you do. Respect others and do the right thing to serve them.

Do what you say. Be accountable to yourself and to your teammates. Do what you say you are going to do. Be trustworthy. Be reliable.

Get the job done. Get the job done whether you are working individually or with a team. Take responsibility. Work hard and be productive. Make the most of every minute you are at work.

Always improve. Always act with character and integrity in everything you do. Respect others and do the right thing to serve them.

Our Culture

We are service-first, safety-first, and culture-first.   We make it our purpose to serve relentlessly.  This extends to our teammates, our partners, and in the communities where we work.  

The Pace Foundation was founded in 2017 to foster our mission to serve and improve lives through logistics. The Foundation lays the groundwork for us to give back to the communities where we do business.  It is through the work of the Pace Foundation where we find joy, purpose, and hope.  

We participate in National Volunteer Week and offer our time and resources to several non-profit organizations throughout the year.  

Pace’s Safety Recognition Program awards team members for putting safety first.  Our Culture Warrior Program recognizes team members who live and breathe our values.  

We believe these programs foster an inclusive culture of service, passion, self-improvement, and dependability to move our mission forward.

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