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Pace Culture Warrior John Ward

Pace Culture Warrior John Ward shows us the way when it comes to developing trust among teammates and with our customers. As Logistics Supervisor for Pace Atlanta, John is an advocate and role model for dependability. Being trusted to deliver on what he says he will do is an important asset John brings to the Pace team. 

His nominator for Culture Warrior said “John is the perfect example of our value to Do what you say. We recently launched a new sort and seg customer in Atlanta, and John has lived up to all our promises to the customer and then some. No matter what the customer asks for - like changing dispatch times, requesting FedEx packages be shipped back to their DC, or finding one carton out of 300+ on the floor for barcode information - John gets it done with no issues. He has never gone back on his word in the years I have worked with him. Atlanta wouldn't be as great as we are without him on the team.”  

Keeping Pace was delighted to spend some time with John and discover how our core value - Do what you say - plays a big role in who John is and how he works and lives. 

Keeping Pace: Please tell us about your role at Pace.  

John: I oversee daily operations at the Atlanta warehouse. 

Keeping Pace: Can you give a little insight into your background and/or your life outside of work? What do you want your Pace family to know about you? 

John: I love to fish and golf. But more exciting news, my wife Talia and I are expecting our first child in January 2023. 

Keeping Pace: Who or what inspires you? 

John: My Dad for being a strong example of a loving father and a hard worker. If I am half the man he is, I must have done something right. 

Keeping Pace: What does our core value – Do what you say - mean to you in the work you do with our teammates and for our customers? 

John: “Do what you say” to me is about building a dependable and trustworthy reputation within my team and with our customers. 

Keeping Pace: What does Do what you say mean to you outside of working with Pace? 

John: Being trustworthy and dependable in your personal life, to the people who matter the most, is just as important as your professional life. It’s important to me that my loved ones view me as someone who upholds those values.  

Keeping Pace: What makes you happy about your work? 

John: Growth and new opportunities. 

Keeping Pace: What do you find challenging about your work, and what resources do you draw upon to help you? 

John: Always trying to find a more efficient way to do things does have its challenges, but it also has its rewards. Luckily, we have a good team to balance each other out. 

John’s statement about building a dependable and trustworthy reputation says it all. It is a real-world example of Robert A. Heinlein’s urging for the added value of dependability on top of ability, and Marianne Williamson’s example of authenticity, truth, accuracy, and decency as they relate to trust. John’s daily efforts to do what he says at work and in his personal life make a positive and profound impact upon those who depend on him.  

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