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Pace Culture Warrior Courtney DeMoss

Courtney DeMoss, Logistics Coordinator at Pace Nashville

At Pace, our “wheels are always turning.”  Recent Culture Warrior award designee Courtney DeMoss’ wheels are turned when she is bringing smiles to her family, friends, and her co-workers through her love for cooking. A proud mom of “six wonderful children”- all now adults – Courtney enjoys dancing, traveling, and reading when she’s not serving in her role as Pace Logistics Coordinator in Nashville.

Courtney’s nominator for Pace Culture Warrior says “she embodies our values. She goes above and beyond effortlessly.  She is constantly thinking out of the box and working effectively to improve things to make the team successful.”

Always one to share the credit, Courtney says she works with “an EXCELLENT Management TEAM.”

“Jeff [Courtney's District Manager] and Terron [Courtney's Nashville Logistics Manager] not only make sure we are doing our best, but they also genuinely care about our team’s wellbeing. I wouldn’t want to work for ANYONE else.”

Pace’s focus for our Q1 Culture Warrior of the Quarter is our core value to Do what you say. Delighted to learn more about how Courtney embodies this value, Keeping Pace enjoyed a delightful interview with our latest Culture Warrior.

Keeping Pace: Please fill us in about your role at Pace.

Courtney: As a Logistics Coordinator I’m the overseer of daily activities for one account, ensuring that merchandise for that retail customer is expertly handled from inbounding to store delivery.  I also make certain that our claims clearing is executed properly.

In addition, I'm responsible for routing. I make sure the stores are married together correctly to optimize cost effectiveness for the company. I make sure the driver is within the DOT guidelines with his or her hours on the route and work to maintain optimal performance for Pace.

Keeping Pace: Who or what inspires you?

Courtney: My inspiration is my mother and my grandmother. My willingness to be a dedicated and diligent worker is due to their strong work ethic and values.

Keeping Pace: What does our core value – Do what you say - mean to you in the work you do with our teammates and for our customers?

Courtney: Being that our Pace core values are the same as my personal values, it’s important to me that following through on the principle of “Saying Less and Do More” is key to ensuring that the task before me is completed as assigned.

Keeping Pace: What does Do what you say mean to you outside of working with Pace? 

Courtney: As it influences my everyday life, it’s important to me that my audio matches my video.

Keeping Pace: What makes you happy about your work?

Courtney: I enjoy the daily challenges and changes in the world of logistics and working for a company that follows our core values. I also enjoy working with a team in accordance with the Pace core values and making it enjoyable to be a part of.

Keeping Pace: What do you find challenging about your work, and what resources do you draw upon to help you?

Courtney: It’s the forever changing face of logistics. Sometimes it can be an abrupt change, and at that moment it may pose significant challenges. When I encounter a situation requiring further verification, I request the assistance of my colleagues who have the necessary knowledge of the situation or subject.  

Keeping Pace: Is there a small story you would like to share about your team? This can be heartfelt, funny, or educational!

Courtney: I was in denial of needing and wanting glasses. I must look at the map sometimes for my routing. I was squinting even with my readers on. My Terminal Manager snapped a picture of me and sent an inhouse email for assistance in getting me glasses. I still laugh at this. I do have Prescription glasses now, as well😊😊😊😊 This is an example of being able to have enjoyment at work while continuing to meet our goals and expectations.

Courtney personifies our value to Do what you say, in her professional life and in her personal life. When she says her love of cooking for her family and team is what keeps her wheels turning, it inspires the dream of stopping by Pace Nashville for a serving of her good food, but more importantly a dose of her positive and inspiring outlook on living.  Keep on doing what you say, Courtney. 

(At the close of the interview, Courtney had one more word for our Keeping Pace readers.)
PACE BNA ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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