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Knotty Problems in Logistics

According to the Collins online dictionary, a “KNOTTY”problem is one that is complicated and difficult to solve. Collins also says that a “PROBLEM” is a situation that is unsatisfactory and causes difficulties for people. 

No kidding. We’ve all experienced situations in our personal AND professional lives that resemble a KNOTTY PROBLEM.

And many times, in logistics they are complicated, difficult, and do result in less than satisfactory results.

At Pace, we work hard at living up to our motto, Solving Logistics Together, by working with our teammates as a unit, drawing upon the unique skill sets of each. As mentioned in our recent post, Solving Logistics Together really is collaborative logistics planning at its best.

Solving Logistics Together also means working with our customers. We’re invested in understanding the nuances of your business and becoming experts in which logistics solutions work best for your industry, in your market, and with your end users. 

You see, we believe in the old saying “1 + 1 = 3.” If we work together, there will be higher energy and greater synergy toward finding the best solution. 

When you partner with Pace, we Solve Logistics Together. In doing so, we believe you’ll be satisfied with the solution and the results. 

Learn more firsthand from the Pace Team about how we’re Solving Logistics Together. 

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