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Meet Our New Pace Culture Warrior, Ashley Scott

Pace Culture Warrior, Ashley Scott - Human Resources Business Partner

A Relentless Servant Spirit

Pace proudly announces Ashley Scott, Human Resources Business Partner, as one of our four Culture Warriors of the Quarter for Q2! Ashley was nominated and selected by the Culture Warrior Committee for her commitment to serving her Pace teammates with a relentless servant spirit!

Passion for the Logistics Industry

Ashley joined the Pace team in 2017. Before joining our team, Ashley began her professional journey in corporate insurance and then transitioned to manufacturing through industrial production. Manufacturing is fast-paced and ever-changing, and it was this tempo that ignited Ashley's passion for the logistics industry and the people behind the scenes making it all happen.

Outside of Work

Ashley works in Pace's corporate headquarters in Bessemer, Alabama. She loves spending time with her family outdoors while finding new places to hike and discovering all the waterfalls they can.  Most weekends, they are out on the river tubing with friends, and when they aren't at their own sporting events, they are watching Thompson High (a local high school) play football on Fridays and Auburn University football on Saturdays. Family is important to Ashley, and they are happy being together, trying to make as many memories as they can!

An Interview with Ashley

Keeping Pace enjoyed learning more from Ashley about what makes her wheels go 'round.

KP: Who or what inspires you? 
Ashley: Many people inspire me, but especially individuals who possess that continuous drive to grow and learn, as well as the true helpers - big or small. These are the people who truly inspire me.

KP: What does Serve Relentlessly mean to you in the work you do for our teammates? 
Ashley: Serving relentlessly to me means to go above and beyond until the task is complete. I want to make sure I do a great job at each task or project that I am given and see it through. I also want to make sure with each interaction everyone leaves with what they are needing or a way to improve their own personal task or commitment. I want to continuously serve our team members, whether the need arises day or night. I always want to be a helping hand when needed. 

KP: Is there another Pace mission, passion, or value that speaks strongly to you?
 Yes, our value to Always Improve. I love that Pace gives us the opportunity to grow in our area of expertise. Our leadership really gives us the opportunity to lead while taking ownership of our roles and projects. Pace is always open to fine tuning the way we operate to improve our processes and personal development. Pace lives by the Always Improve value, and I’m so thankful to work for a company that places such importance on our people’s success because, ultimately, this will take us all farther.

KP: What makes you happy about your work? 
Ashley: The people. I get the opportunity to work with our team in all areas of operations, and I have a front row seat to see how hard our team members work day in and day out. I get to learn about not only their positions and daily tasks, but also about their lives. I’m so thankful for our people and the way they continuously work to get the job done. It is extremely humbling and gives me the motivation to help support our teams' success. 

KP: What do you find challenging about your work, and what resources do you draw upon to rise to the occasion?
 One of the challenges is making sure I give the most dedication to our team members. In an industry like ours that is incredibly fast-paced with everyone moving in so many different directions and juggling many projects at a time, this can be challenging. I want to be intentional and present in my daily interactions.

KP: Is there a small anecdote or story you can share about how you and your teammates went the extra mile to get the job done?
 Recently, Human Resources and Payroll have been in the process of improving all of our processes  - across the board. We have recently added a new team member who transferred internally from Customer Service to our department. Her knowledge, along with her relationship with the field, is unmatched, helping us go the extra mile and deliver results much faster while working closely with our Recruiting Team. Bringing this team member on board has freed HR to travel to other locations to help assist with recent startups and also to focus on other areas for improvement, such as revamping our onboarding experience, benefits, and training while building better relationships with our teams across the board. I’m so thankful to be part of our HR team.

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