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Pace Congratulates Inaugural Class of Certified Driver Trainers

Meet Pace's Certified Driver Trainers!

Pace's Certified Driver Trainers

We are proud to congratulate Pace’s inaugural class of Certified Driver Trainers! This class of certified driver trainers includes Pace Team Members from Atlanta, Birmingham, Chattanooga, Hammond, Memphis, Mobile, and Nashville and will lead safety and driver coaching at Pace. 

Driver Trainers Lead Safety

With the support of Marsh, Pace hosted our first Driver Training Course. This week, team members from across the Pace network traveled to our Birmingham market to participate in a two-day training by Marsh. The training consisted of classroom and on-the-road courses and will pay dividends towards Pace's overall safety and success for years to come. Please think of our Certified Driver Trainers as the tip of the spear in regard to driver and safety issues.  In addition to direct driver training, they can also provide hands-on support for issues such as:

  • Road Tests
  • Driver Coaching, including: 
    • Post-Accident/Post-Incident Retraining
    • Hours of Service
    • Best Practices
    • Defensive Driving/Accident Avoidance
    • Adverse Conditions
    • Fatigue Management
    • Mentoring New or Struggling Drivers

Safety is Everyone's Business

Everyone is a part of safety at Pace. The more people who strive to keep safety first, the better we will be. One tip is to be vigilant for things that look or feel out of the ordinary - things that may affect risk. Take the time to correct them now and don't procrastinate. We are all responsible for mitigating the conditions around us to a level that is tolerable for the collective risk that we all take daily in our work.

Congratulations and a heartfelt thank you to Pace’s first Certified Driver Trainer class!

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