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Women In Logistics: An Interview with Poppy Titus, Pace Account Manager

What do you like about working in the logistics industry?  It is fast paced and constantly changing. In this industry it is all about the intangibles. Basically how we make customers feel about our service is the bones of our business and growth. The synergy we create between our customers, partners and employees around our common goal of end user satisfaction is vital. This common goal is the ground work for growth and our potential for success becomes infinite.

What does Women’s History Month mean to you?  It is a time to be grateful and to remind ourselves and our children of the suffering of others before us. There are so many unsung female contributors in history who are finally getting recognition for their accomplishments. Teaching history to our children and grandchildren about the denial of human rights can inspire future generations to continue forward with knowing that we are all created equal.

Who is your favorite woman in history?  Oh my this is a tough one. I would say Eleanor Roosevelt, but it is a difficult and multi-leveled question. 😊 She had an incredible vision for this country and even changed the dynamics of power in her position as First Lady. She changed the role of First Lady from being mostly a hostess to being a leader with a voice and instrumental in opening opportunities for women, African Americans, and the education of the under privileged. She carved that role for every other First Lady who came after her and gave them a voice.

What is your job at Pace- what do you do?  My first priority is visiting stores to be sure we are following procedures and that the General Managers, Commercial Parts Pros, and employees are happy with our service. There are several nuances that fall into that description, but ultimately I try to maintain the spirit that we are all on the same team while we adhere to our company goals and values.

What woman or women have inspired you in your career?  A shout out to my mom in Heaven. Despite the challenges of being a woman in her generation, she believed in the rights and equality of everyone. She was well educated and read 4 or 5 books a week because her desire to learn and grow only ended when she passed away. I remember 39 or so years ago, I finished school and went to work in a warehouse and thought, “YIKES I am about the only girl!”  I went home and told my mom I was going to have to find another job, and she said, "Why? It sounds to me like you can pave your own road."  She was right, and I am constantly reminded of the enormous growth, changes and opportunities I have seen.

What should women know when they’re thinking of joining the logistics industry? Be flexible yet strong in your ethics, integrity, and beliefs. Lead by example.

What factors do you think are contributing to increased female representation in all areas (transport/trucking; warehouse/storage; management)I read several articles last year on the studies of gender diversity in the workforce and the positive effects it has had on productivity. It was very interesting to read and to think about how that has played into this industry. With the tremendous growth in this industry in the last 10 to 15 years, I believe the appeal of flexible scheduling, permanence, and the potential for financial and personal growth is appealing to women. Let's face it, women are great multi-taskers, and our history shows that.
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