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Women in Logistics: An Interview with Susan Anderson, Logistics Supervisor-Memphis

Susan Anderson, Pace Logistics Supervisor-Memphis

What do you like about working in the logistics industry?
I have been in the logistics industry for three years.  I started as a driver and have since moved to the office side as a Logistics Supervisor.  I have enjoyed both aspects. Being a driver has given me the knowledge and understanding of the delivery aspects of the job. Now, being a Logistics Supervisor has given me the opportunity to understand the way it all works together.  Both have been an amazing learning experience and a away to further my career in the industry.

What does Women’s History Month mean to you?
Women’s History Month is a way to show how far women have come and are continuing to go in the world. If you put your mind and energy into something you believe in, you can accomplish anything.

Who is your favorite woman in history?
I would have to say the most inspiring woman to me would be Princess Diana. She was always so passionate about helping people no matter what.  She always took the time to help anyone in need, whether it be through charities or just stopping to put a smile on someone’s face who was having a bad day.

What is your job at Pace- what do you do?
I am a Logistics Supervisor in Memphis. I handle the day to day operations and the Pace warehouse.

What woman or women have inspired you in your career?
My mom and grandmother have always inspired me to do what I wanted and never stop. My grandmother (at the age of 62) decided to go to college and get a degree just because she wanted to. My mom has always pushed me to be the best at whatever I wanted for my life and to not let anyone tell me I couldn’t do something.

What should women know when they’re thinking of joining the logistics industry?
The best advice I can give to any woman looking to start a career in the industry is to believe in yourself and don’t let anyone stop you. If you want to do it, It is hard work, but you can do it just as good as anyone else.

What factors do you think are contributing to increased female representation in all areas (transport/trucking; warehouse/storage; management)? 
Women sometimes look at things from a different perspective.  Traditionally, this has been an industry of mostly men, but women have come a long way and have really made a difference. Women have the power in them to do whatever they want and will keep growing in the industry.

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