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Women In Logistics – An Interview With Egypt Asquith, Operations Support Analyst

In honor of Women's History Month and inspired by International Women's Day, we are sitting down with Pace women who represent a variety of jobs, tenure in the industry, and geographical areas in our footprint.  Hearing their perspectives on International Women's Day, the progress of women in logistics, and also their personal experiences has been enlightening and exciting!  Our first interview is with Egypt Asquith, an Operations Support Analyst in Raleigh.  We hope you enjoy.

What do you like about working in the logistics industry?
I like challenges. I love the idea of knowing that I fulfilled the job on my end knowing (i.e. freight arriving on time and arriving safe and arriving to the customer with no issues). That’s satisfaction like no other.

What does Women’s History Month mean to you?
During Women’s History Month we receive the opportunity to shine more than we do on a normal day. It gives other women the chance to see who else has overcome obstacles to be where they are and be recognized for their contributions.

Who is your favorite woman in history?
My grandma Karlene Jones is my favorite woman in history.  She has shown me over time what a hard-working woman looks like.  My grandma has never given up on anything. She always fought hard for everything she wants / wanted in life. Even today when I call her, she’s still so full of knowledge. My grandma is the reason I continue to push as hard as I do because I have things I want in life and things worth fighting for.

What is your job at Pace- what do you do?
I am currently an OSA (Operations Support Analyst).  I became an OSA in January of 2019, and I provide onsite training to those who need it. Traveling is required with some aspects of the job to ensure accuracy is received.  

What factors do you think are contributing to increased female representation in all areas (transport/trucking; warehouse/storage; management)? 
I believe women have been overlooked in certain jobs or careers throughout the world. To say that a women can’t do what a man does isn’t fair.  Woman are dominating in a lot of industries.  I also believe that great ideas come from a woman.  If we set our minds to do something, there’s nothing that we can’t do.

Operations Support Analyst, Raleigh

Stay tuned for more interviews!  To learn more about Women's History Month,visit https://womenshistorymonth.gov/.

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