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Pace Names Ashton Smith as Culture Warrior of the Month

Pace is proud to name another Culture Warrior, Ashton Smith!

Ashton is an Analyst in the Safety and Compliance Department based out of Pace’s corporate office in Bessemer, Alabama, and she demonstrates Pace's culture in all that she does.  

Ashton joined Pace in June 2020 as a Financial Analyst for the Finance Department.  Prior to that, she worked at BAE Systems Platforms and Services where she started as a Government Accounting Specialist.  After a short time in that position, her drive and attention to detail carried her into the role of Financial Analyst, where she was primarily responsible for providing support on project execution for BAE’s largest customer, the U.S. Government.  Throughout her tenure with BAE, it was Ashton’s responsibility to ensure that the company remained compliant with various federal regulations.  Once she arrived at Pace, she began using her skillset to assist the Finance Department, but it soon became clear that her desire to move the needle and tackle new challenges would make her a good fit for the Compliance Team, so she moved to her current position of Safety and Compliance Analyst in September 2020.  

Ashton's Impact at Pace

Ashton was nominated by Chad Godwin, Director of Legal, who shared, "Since joining the Compliance Department, Ashton has proven to be a key component in advancing that department’s agenda. She routinely employs her analytical abilities to identify new ways to track and manage processes, displaying our value to Always Improve." 

Since joining the Compliance Team, she has worked closely with Business Intelligence to create dashboards that improve the way we view, track, and resolve compliance-related tasks throughout the company. Her work has improved processes in Compliance and created visibility for Operations and other departments, helping the company to gain traction towards our goals and continuously improve.

In addition, Ashton has a true servant spirit and enjoys helping the Compliance Department’s internal customers - specifically Operations and Independent Contractors.  Ashton demonstrates our value to Serve Relentlessly by supporting our teams throughout the onboarding process. She is there to help team members every step of the way by resolving issues in a timely manner. Ashton’s relentless servant spirit often results in late nights and numerous occasions where she has gone above and beyond, and she always meets challenges with a smile on her face and an infectious positive attitude.  

The Compliance Department plays a critical role in ensuring that Pace has safe drivers on the road.  Compliance is responsible for determining if a driver meets all Pace requirements before they get behind the wheel of a vehicle in service to our customers. This effort requires time-sensitive requests that must be processed in order for Pace to Get the Job Done. During peak season, just as Operations sees an increase in the amount of freight and trucks they oversee, the Compliance Team sees an increase in drivers being onboarded to meet capacity needs. This results in extended hours to ensure that our teams are ready for nightly operations. Ashton, along with her other teammates in Compliance, has been instrumental in supporting successful nights on our docks. This Peak season, Ashton has demonstrated her understanding of Pace's value to Get the Job Done and Do What You Say. She does her part to ensure Pace meets the commitments to our customers each night.  

Pace is fortunate to have Ashton as a member of the team, and we are proud to name her a Culture Warrior! Please join Pace in congratulating Ashton for displaying what it means to be a true Culture Warrior for Pace's values.  

Keeping Pace sat down with Ashton to learn more about our newest Culture Warrior. 

Keeping Pace:  What’s the best thing/your favorite part about working for Pace?
Ashton:  Being part of a successful company that continues to grow, while still maintaining a family-like atmosphere. My teammates all have our own skillsets that we offer, but we use it to our advantage. We all contribute in different ways and use our key roles to better our department. All while being able to have fun and kid around with one another. 

Keeping Pace:  Which core value is your favorite one, or which do you identify with most? And why?
Ashton:  Hands down, that would be Serve Relentlessly!! I take great pride in my work, and it’s hard for me to walk away once I’ve committed to something. I like to see it through no matter what it takes. Doesn’t matter the day or time, I am always there to help when needed, and if I am in the middle of a project, I won’t stop until it's complete. Even during down time, I am always thinking of ways we can be better and the next puzzle I can dig into. I’m all about the puzzles 😊

Keeping Pace:  What is one of your proudest moments or biggest accomplishments while working at Pace?     
Ashton:  My proudest moment has been the feedback from different areas of the company regarding the changes that have been made within the Compliance Department. I have loved being able to incorporate data and new processes that have helped Compliance become more efficient. I strive for results, so seeing the difference it has made and the impact on teams is very rewarding for me and makes me work even harder. 

Keeping Pace:  What inspires you? 
Ashton:  It's more of “who” than “what”. I can’t even see the word “inspire” without thinking of my father. Growing up, he showed me how to work hard and what having heart is all about. I lost him suddenly right before my high school graduation, so now that I have grown, I am inspired by him daily to be the type of person he was.  I wouldn’t be who I am today without him, and I owe all my success and work ethic to the example he set for me. 

Keeping Pace:  What do you do when you’re not at the office?
Ashton:  When not at the office, I mostly relax and watch or play anything sports-related. Saturdays, I’m cheering on Alabama, Roll Tide 😉, and Sundays, I am rooting for my five Fantasy Leagues, or I'm playing golf when I have the chance.

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