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Pace Culture Warrior – Justin Young

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Pace proudly announces Justin Young as our newest Culture Warrior!

Justin is a Logistics Specialist in Pace's Hammond market. He is a model for living out Pace's Core Values in his daily work.  

Justin serves our customers and his fellow teammates as Logistics Specialist of the overnight team at Pace's Hammond, LA pool point.  He joined Pace in 2019 after a four-year stint at another company in the transportation and freight industry.  He was recruited to enhance Pace's pool distribution services in Louisiana.  Justin is a hard-working and reliable team member that is always willing to do what is best for Pace. 

District Manager, Jeff M., nominated Justin for CW and says that Justin is someone the team can always count on.  “If we need someone to come in early or stay late Justin will always be there for us,” reports Jeff.  “He always has a smile on his face and gives his teammates and our customers more than 100% each and every day, no matter what."  These examples exemplify Pace's Core Values to Serve Relentlessly, Do the Right Thing, Get the Job Done, Do What you Say, and Always Improve.

Regional Director Brad H., agrees with Jeff.  “Justin came on board with Pace about a year ago, and the first thing that struck me about Justin is that he is always smiling,” says Brad. “He has been a part of the transformation of the Hammond facility from a largely e-commerce focused operation to the full blown pool point that it is today.”

Brad observes that Justin brought with him the work ethic that personifies the Core Value to “Serve Relentlessly”. When Hammond restarted after the COVID-19 shutdown, Justin was one of the first employees back to work. Even though he is scheduled as a 2nd shift employee, he often shows up during the day just to see if the team needs help.  “It first registered with me that Justin was predisposed to Doing the Right Thing,"  remarks Brad, “when Hammond had a late customer trailer arriving, and he volunteered to stay into the early hours of the morning to insure the cartons were scanned to pallets and ready for delivery the next day."  In short, Justin knows how to Get the Job Done.

Eric K., Logistics Manager in Hammond, shares,  "He always has a good attitude and is relentless in his pursuit of doing the functions of his job correctly and accurately. He does everything needed to get the job done for any and all of our customers." At Pace, our passion is to Serve and Improve Lives Through Logistics.  Justin's servant spirit and willingness to do what is best for Pace's customers is a vital part of what sets us apart from other carriers in the Louisiana market and across the entire Pace footprint.

Justin has been strategic in supporting Hammond's growth.

Pace's Hammond market has significantly grown and transformed recently - consistently adding new business, developing pool point operations, and taking on new customers. With these additions comes the need for our team members to learn new processes and SOPs. We typically see a learning curve with startups, and Pace team members must work diligently to master the requirements of each new customer before we are operating seamlessly. At Pace, Justin has learned the processes for multiple customers that others would shy away from.  He does not hesitate to jump in and learn new things, showing his commitment to Always Improve. Justin has made great strides in understanding our business and investing in our customers. He was recently promoted from Warehouse Associate to Logistics Specialist. Justin is Always Improving and personifies Pace's Core Values. 

Keeping Pace enjoyed a conversation with Justin discussing his values-based work, his inspiration, and his service to others.

Keeping Pace:  Serve Relentlessly is a Pace Core Value.  What are your thoughts on being of service to others?
Justin:  To me, being of service is a sense of accomplishment.  Being of service also ties in with Doing the Right Thing and Getting the Job Done.  When I come to work everyday, I focus on the tasks I know we have to get done to help our customers.  I’ve been given responsibility for servicing a specific customer.  So, before I come in, I think about what has to be done for that customer, and I prepare my mind and my spirit for the tasks at hand.  I see myself and our team knocking it out for them. I like my job, so to do it right, I have to come in with the right spirit.

Keeping Pace:  What is one of your proudest moments or biggest accomplishments while working at Pace?   
Justin:  For me, the best thing is Team.  Our proudest moments and what is most important is when we know we have made the customer happy.  So, each day I look forward to hearing from the drivers after their routes that the people at the customer's stores were happy with the way the freight was organized and how we delivered it to them. 

Keeping Pace:  Getting the Job Done?  What are your thoughts on this Pace Core Value?
Justin:  I am happy when our drivers give us a good report from the customer.  To me, thinking about what has to be done before I come in to work, it’s about the details.  Like how the pallets have to be stacked and how they have to be loaded in the truck.  I know it has to be stacked right, and I know that if the truck is loaded right, then it makes the job easier for the drivers.  I try to motivate the guys to think like that. 

Keeping Pace:  Which Pace Core Value do you identify with most and why?

Justin:  Get the Job Done. Being at work on time, organized and being held accountable for tasks that need completing.

Keeping Pace:  Briefly describe your typical day at Pace.

Justin:  My typical day at Pace is checking on my staff and assessing progress on various projects. Discussing our priorities for the week and setting weekly goals.

Keeping Pace:  What is your favorite part about working for Pace?

Justin:  My favorite part about working for Pace is team management and efficient team work.

Keeping Pace:  What values are important to you?

Justin:  The values that are the most important to me are commitment , dependability, loyalty and consistency.

Keeping Pace:  Who or what inspires you? 
Justin:  Things my dad taught me about his career in the Army inspire me.  My dad taught me that having goals is also about training.  Training both in practice and in the mind helps you set good goals and to make the goals happen.  My dad said you have to have that dedication, and you should work to improve yourself and to learn. 

Keeping Pace:  Please share a little about what you do when you’re not at work.
Justin:  I go jogging, and I’m into meditation.  I’ve found that meditation and prayer expands my mind.  I had my first job when I was sixteen, and I found out that I was not ready mentally to be able to handle it.  Eventually I learned that meditation helps me to get better at things, to be able to handle things and to not let them blow up my mind.  I’ve run races like the marathon in New Orleans (yes, 26.2 miles).  I run other charity 10K’s.  I like to put on opera music in my headset and get out on the trails and the road jogging.  It’s a great way to block things out and relax your thoughts and help your mindset. 

Thank you, Justin, for serving your teammates and Pace's customers relentlessly.  Thank you for your time and your interview, and congratulations on your Culture Warrior award!  

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