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Meet Pace Culture Warrior of the Quarter Gerry Kane

Congratulations to another Pace Culture Warrior of the Quarter, Logistics Supervisor Gerry Kane! Gerry describes his role with Pace as “being a kind of choreographer, but with drivers and trucks instead of dancers.”  In Wilmington, North Carolina, Gerry, and his team serve our e-commerce customers.  Gerry’s nominator for Culture Warrior of the Quarter noted that Gerry and the Wilmington team have implemented new processes for these customers based on their feedback to make Pace’s service for them in Wilmington more effective. Where choreography is “the sequence of steps and movements in dance or figure skating,” Gerry’s team adds “listening to the customer” and “solving logistics together” to create a successful performance. Now, that’s excellent customer service and customization!  
Keeping Pace spent a few moments catching up with our resident Culture Warrior / Choreographer / Logistics Supervisor, and here is what we learned. 
KP:  Who or what inspires you?
Gerry:  Albert Einstein, whose wise words and science-driven perspective remind me to step back and take the long view of a situation. Also, author and humorist David Sedaris, because humor can leaven any difficult situation. 
KP:  What makes you happy about your work?
Gerry:  My team consisting of Tommie R. and David (Craig) G. who are always ready to step up, find a solution to a particularly onerous problem, and learn new skills.
KP:  What does Do the Right Thing mean to you in the work you do with our teammates and on behalf of our customers?
Gerry:  Einstein once said, “Not everything that counts can be counted.” Of course, meeting the customer’s standards and metrics are paramount, but beyond that, I appreciate that Pace cultivates a work atmosphere that values the characteristics which may not directly translate to measurements. It means being an encouraging teammate, understanding the work, and continuing to strive.
KP:  What does Do the Right Thing mean to you outside of working with Pace?
Gerry:  It’s an ethos that really extends to every part of my life -- in any given situation, I hope to be a steady and supportive presence that people can turn to and know they’ll be in good hands. 
KP: What do you find challenging about your work, and what resources do you draw upon to help you?
Gerry:  One of our e-commerce customers has understandably exacting standards. It can sometimes be a challenge to meet them, but my success comes with the support of a team. My District Manager Patrick is my go-to. I wouldn’t be here without his steadfastness and enthusiastic approach to what we do.
KP:  Please share a story about your role at Pace or about your team. 
Gerry:  One of my favorite annual traditions at Pace here in Wilmington is our nighttime bar-b-que. (Nighttime, of course, because that’s our workday!) It always starts near midnight, when the sky is dark and dotted with stars, and the heat of the day has cooled down. There’s something that feels almost illicit about having an outdoor BBQ so late! The food is always marvelous (kinda), and the crew is appreciative. It’s a great bonding experience. 
KP:  What about a little glimpse into your background and your life outside of Pace?
Gerry:  I was raised in New York and fled to the warmth of the south as soon as I could! After a few years in Florida, my wife and I very happily settled in North Carolina. We love it here -- everyone is so kind and welcoming. I like to spend time with my pups, work on my golf game, and enjoy the wonderful community of friends we’ve developed here. All our kids are grown and settled elsewhere, and we travel to see them whenever possible. 

Thank you, Gerry, for your service and commitment to Pace and our customers and for being an excellent role model and Culture Warrior for our team!

Meet Bo the Pace Greyhound! Bo represents Pace's Wilmington market along with Gerry Kane. Bo likes early mornings, a completed task list, and Doing the Right Thing!

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