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Pace Celebrates Hispanic American Perspectives in Logistics

Hispanic Heritage Month
National Hispanic Heritage Month is September 15 - October 15! This image features handwriting in Huun paper handmade in Mexico.

It's National Hispanic Heritage Month, and Americans are recognizing the contributions and influence of Hispanic Americans and Latinos(as) to the culture, history, and achievements of our great country.  This month-long celebration occurs every year from September 15th through October 15th and has been since congressional legislation was signed into law by President Ronald Reagan in 1988. 

Did you know there are over one million Hispanic commercial drivers transporting and delivering our country’s freight?  These drivers include over 82,000 Hispanic-owned trucking companies and 635,000 Hispanic owner-operators.  Hispanic drivers represent over 38% of our country’s trucking fleet! Becoming an owner-operator represents a pathway to financial independence and prosperity for all entrepreneurial Americans. It’s evident that this pathway has emerged for many of us who identify as Hispanic American or Latino(a).  

Hispanic commercial drivers and owner-operators are also the youngest group of commercial drivers in the country! Over 36% are under the age of 35 compared to just 9% of truckers overall. As we imagine the future of transportation, the perspective of Hispanic Americans will certainly make its impact on our industry.  

Pace joins the nation in celebrating National Hispanic Heritage Month!  As a final mile logistics company that engages with a large and diverse network of independent owner-operators to serve our customers, we celebrate the million + Hispanic American women and men who deliver freight every day in a big way for our country! 

Throughout the year, Pace has been committed to growing through diversity and inclusion. Our company-wide learning sessions led by Dr. Djoly Souffrant have opened the door for new perspectives on how to make impactful decisions at the personal, team, and leadership levels to leverage the power of a diverse and inclusive workplace.

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