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Drive by Pace Mobile App Launches

Today, Pace launches Drive by Pace, its long-awaited mobile app for drivers. Drive by Pace is a mobile solution that offers all drivers who support Pace's customers (including employees, owner-operators, and freight agents) real-time access to:

  • Pay
  • Performance
  • New driving opportunities
  • Roadside assistance
  • Reports, and
  • Company news

Drive by Pace offers drivers a direct line of communication with Pace central dispatch and customer service. Drivers can also rate a store or dispute a settlement with ease.    

Drivers can download the app on Google Play or the Apple App Store.

For over twenty years, Pace has been working to fulfill our mission towards "Serving and improving lives through logistics". One way we accomplish this mission is to grow and nurture a network of talented and trustworthy carriers by attracting and retaining high quality drivers across our twenty-three markets. As our network grew and our customer's needs evolved, we knew we'd need to provide our carriers an easy-to-use, comprehensive technology solution. Eventually, developing a custom mobile app for our drivers simply made sense.

Pace teamed up with Airship in Birmingham, Alabama (close to our corporate headquarters) to develop the app we were dreaming up. Kicking off the development of the app, Pace CEO Matt Lawrence, CFAO Steven Miller, and Director of Information Technology Shane Hill engaged with Airship's Mapping service to identify our needs and design and plan the mobile solution.

drive by pace mobile solution mapping
Pace leadership engages in mapping the Drive by Pace mobile solution with Airship.

Pace needs to attract and retain great drivers continuously. We knew we needed a comprehensive solution within the ease of a mobile app to help us do so. With the collaboration of the talented team at Airship, we are thrilled to launch the Drive by Pace mobile app to streamline communication with drivers, strengthen driver performance, and enhance customer success!

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