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Pace Culture Warrior – Alisa Simmons

Pace proudly announces Alisa Simmons, Logistics Supervisor - Pace Atlanta, as our newest Culture Warrior!

Pace proudly announces one of our four Culture Warriors of the Quarter for Q2 - Atlanta Logistics Supervisor, Alisa Simmons! Alisa (or Lisa) was praised for her relentless servant spirit, serving not only Pace’s customers, but also her teammates in Atlanta. 

Alisa was nominated anonymously by a teammate who said, "Alisa consistently serves Pace and our customers relentlessly. Lisa often works 24-7 to offer support where needed and resolve miscellaneous staffing and scheduling problems.  Her help in conflict resolution and various day-to-day issues in the warehouse is seldom recognized, and it’s time her awesome team player characteristics are.  She even bakes goodies to share and show appreciation for her teammates."

Serving and improving lives through logistics since 2016

Alisa joined the Pace team in August 2016. Since then, she’s been furthering our mission to serve and improve lives through logistics, and her impact is felt across her team and throughout our customer base in the Atlanta market. Alisa believes we are never too old to learn, love or improve on how we live, work and even play. She acknowledges that life is too short to not value doing right in everything you do! She reminds us that being a person of your word really does go a long way in both business and personal relationships. For Alisa, “Get the job done,” means going above and beyond.  It means long days invested in working for Pace and for Pace’s customers. Alisa will celebrate her five year milestone at Pace this summer!

Alisa's background and experiences

Alisa was raised in Abbeville and Dothan, Alabama.  She has two sons and a grandson.  Before joining Pace, she worked at Amerifleet Transportation for thirteen years. She began her career there as a driver and worked her way up to Southeastern Regional Manager.  It’s evident to Alisa’s teammates and our customers that her decision to join Pace was a great one!

Keeping Pace enjoyed a few moments with Alisa to learn what keeps her wheels turning.

What does Serve Relentlessly mean to you in your work with our teammates and our customers?

 It means always trying to deliver outstanding results to our customers. To our teammates, it means being accountable and flexible, as well as sharing and caring for them.

What makes you happy about your work?   
Getting to see my extended family. And knowing that we are in a small way impacting people’s lives.  

Your nomination says you bring baked goodies for your teammates?  Tell us more!
I have always enjoyed cooking, and I’ve been doing it since I was maybe 9 or 10 years old.  I cook and bake because it’s therapy for me, and it warms my heart to know that people really enjoy my cooking. When I am able to bring treats for my team, it tends to make things brighter in the workplace.

Who or what inspires you?

My Mom and best friend, Cherese, of over 40 years.

What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

Of course, cooking and baking. Also spending time with my two pups - Bella and Millie.

Thank you, Alisa, for being a model to your team and for your relentless servant spirit. You've been serving and improving lives through logistics with Pace for almost five years! Thank you for your time and your interview. Congratulations on your Culture Warrior award!  

Updates to Pace's Culture Warrior Initiative

A new year and renewed vision for Pace's Culture Warrior Initiative has led to exciting opportunities to celebrate and nurture our culture! One of those opportunities is to celebrate several Culture Warriors each quarter who represent Pace's Core Values in each of our unique regions and corporate departments.

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