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Pace Publishes Newsletter Exclusively to Shipping Partners

When a shipper contacts us in need of logistics services, chances are they are looking for a partner. They need a trustworthy 3PL to execute the last (and often) most time-consuming and expensive part of their supply chain - the final mile. As partners, we share a common goal - making the end customer happy. For over twenty years, we have found success in this spirit of collaboration and teamwork!

Now, finally, we welcome our partners even closer into the Pace Family with our newsletter, Pace Partners First. We've created and curated a list of small, easy-to-digest content that we hope adds value to your business.  

Pace puts our Partners first!  During this unique time, we emphasize the spirit of collaboration as we navigate through COVID-19 and the changes to our economy we are experiencing together.  Pace CEO, Matt Lawrence, has a special message about working together to emerge successfully from a COVID-19 environment.

If you want to learn more about the full range of services available when you partner with Pace, please contact our Sales Team at sales@pace-usa.com or explore more on our website, starting with the Ship menu.

You can sign up to receive the Pace Partners First newsletter by emailing salter@pace-usa.com.

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