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Clayton Peppers Speaks About Driver Recruitment

The Challenge of Recruiting Drivers

Pace’s own Clayton Peppers, Quality Assurance and Process Improvement – BHM, shares his expertise in an upcoming article, “The Challenge of Recruiting Drivers” by Andrea Obston, which will soon be published in the September/October 2018 issue of Courier Magazine.  Read below for a sneak peek into Clayton’s insights on our Carrier Relations department, the importance of building relationships, and the incentives Pace offers to show drivers we are committed to their future success.   Stay tuned for an upcoming link to this publication.


Clayton Peppers:

“We built our Carrier Relations department in 2017.  The mission was to proactively seek out partnerships with new IC’s/carriers and to maintain a network of long-lasting, mutually-prosperous relationships with them.

My team builds relationships.  We want our carrier vendors to understand Pace’s mission, share in each other’s success, and most importantly, we want to help them grow their respective business.

We’ve increased the variety of incentives and bonuses to our IC’s/carriers/drivers, too, including sign-on; KPI/performance goals; driver referrals, and perfect attendance.  And, because a majority of surveyed contractors prefer their gratification sooner, rather than later, we even started offering smaller incentives that are paid in the first settlement, or distributed over the first few settlements.  From day one, it lets them know that we appreciate their services; that we’re committed to their future success and that we want to do whatever we can to assist them.”

Way to go, Clayton!  We can’t wait to read more.

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