Route Optimization Software – A Hidden Tool in Helping Logistics Go Green

A Supply Chain Under Stress What does route optimization software do, and is it a hidden tool in helping logistics businesses go green? The dramatic rise in gasoline and diesel prices is aggravating existing pressures in the supply chain. Riddled with driver shortages, chip shortages that hinder new vehicle manufacturing, congested ports, and labor pressures,… Read more!

Scheduled Work or Gig Platforms?

Drivers, you’re in demand! In today’s market, you may be deciding how to grow your business as an independent contractor or owner-operator. Do you lean towards scheduled work or the gig economy? The great news is that you have a wide variety of options, facilitated by the growth of mobile platforms. You may already be running package… Read more!

Pace Celebrates Hispanic American Perspectives in Logistics

National Hispanic Heritage Month is September 15 – October 15! This image features handwriting in Huun paper handmade in Mexico. It’s National Hispanic Heritage Month, and Americans are recognizing the contributions and influence of Hispanic Americans and Latinos(as) to the culture, history, and achievements… Read more!

Meet Pace Culture Warrior of the Quarter Henry “Hank” Gierlach

Hank and his destined soulmate and wife (left). Hank and his daughter (upper right).  Hank and his granddaughter (lower right). A long-time love of travel Culture Warrior of the Quarter Hank Gierlach loves to travel.  Good thing, too, because although Hank is currently working as a final mile driver and assisting in operations for Pace in… Read more!

Become a Preferred Carrier with Pace and Grow Your Business

In this video, Cedrika Laster – Pace Recruiting Business Partner – explains the benefits of becoming a preferred carrier with Pace. You’ll learn about Pace’s competitive pay, a convenient mobile app, and scheduled routes where you’re home every day. Contracting with Pace has its benefits! Driving with Pace has… Read more!
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