Pool Distribution

Solving Logistics Together Through Pool Distribution

Learn how shippers are reducing their shipping costs while enhancing speed and ease of delivery!

What is Pool Distribution?

Pool distribution is a shipping strategy, similar to less-than-truckload (LTL) shipping in that it allows you to ship your product along with other orders in a single truck. However, unlike LTL shipping, pool distribution does not involve sharing the load with other shippers. Instead, we pool together multiple shipments of your own product. 

How Can Pool Distribution Help Me?

Using the pool distribution strategy can significantly cut down your shipping costs and improve efficiency. Check out the video above to learn more about how pool distribution can benefit you!

Pace Logistics Locations Map

Pace currently offers pool distribution services for our customers in Atlanta, Birmingham, Chattanooga, New Orleans, Memphis, Mobile, and Nashville.

Pace’s pool distribution provides efficient and cost-effective handling of your shipments close to your final destinations. Pace’s network of straight trucks provide final mile deliveries from our pool points to your destinations.

Pace is always working for you, wherever you are.

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