Final Mile Logistics in Mobile

Pace Provides Final Mile Logistics and Pool Distribution Services in Mobile, Alabama and Across the Florida Panhandle

Pace’s Mobile logistics services are provided from our 35,000 SF warehouse and logistics operations center.  The warehouse has seven dock doors, plus two drive-in doors, offering convenient regional freight delivery.

Mobile is located at the head of Mobile Bay and the central portion of the Gulf Coast.  Our facility is east of Interstate 65 and located off Interstate 10, adjacent to Mobile Bay and efficiently providing final miles services to multiple customers within the Mobile area.

Pace Mobile also provides pool distribution, cross-docking, and scheduled routed courier services to the Pensacola, Florida market.  

Mobile Regional Logistics Services

Freight delivery services Pace provides in the Mobile region include:

  • Pool distribution
  • -Final mile freight delivery
  • -Cross-docking
  • -Scheduled and routed courier delivery

Pace’s warehouse, cross-dock, and pool distribution facility is situated in Mobile, right off Interstate 10 at 1900 S Broad Street, east of Interstate 65 and directly next to Mobile Bay.

Pace's Core Values Build Customer Experience

Our core values play a key role in nurturing the customer experience. Willie Mahaffey, Pace Central Region Operations Director and a twenty-two year veteran at Pace, shares his perspective on how we develop lasting partnerships with our customers. Learn more at The Pace Logistics Lab.

Mobile at a Glance

Historical Roots

Mobile is the third most populous city in Alabama and Mobile Bay is the 12th largest port in the United States.  Mobile was founded in in 1702 by the French and flew under the flags of three countries – France, then Britain, and lastly Spain before becoming a part of the United States in 1813.  Mobile also held significant importance to the war effort of World War II as its Alabama Drydock and Shipbuilding Company produced ships faster than the Axis powers could sink them. The Battleship Memorial Park is a military park which features WW2 era battleship such as the USS Alabama and WW2 era submarines like USS Drum. 

USS Alabama Mobile
USS Alabama at Battleship Memorial Park (wikipedia)
Mobile Carnival Museum
Mobile Carnival Museum
Diversity in Culture

Culturally, Mobile is unique with its French, Spanish, Creole, and Catholic heritage influencing the city and distinguishes itself from other cities in Alabama.  Mobile hosts the oldest Carnival celebration in the United States and is the birthplace of Mardi Gras! The Mobile Carnival Museum houses the city’s Mardi Gras history and memorabilia, like the variety of flouts, costumers, and displays seen during the history of the festival season. 

Mobile's Economy

Mobile is home to a diverse economy with sectors including aerospace, steel, shipbuilding, retail, services, construction, medicine, and manufacturing.  Sports wise, Mobile is the home of many different sports facilities like Ladd-Peebles Stadium, the Dollar General Bowl, the Hank Aaron Stadium and much more.  Mobile has a wide variety of museums and landmarks, and the city depends upon tourism for economic growth.

Hank Aaron Stadium Mobile, AL
Hank Aaron Stadium, courtesy of

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