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At Pace, safety is our #1 priority.

Safety measures are built in to the Pace organization from the ground up, so we consistently operate safely for our teammates, our customers, and our community. 

Mission Zero-Safety

Mission Zero Safety Plan

Mission Zero is Pace’s peak season safety plan to reach zero accidents and zero violations each day we are serving our customers.

  • Find the right mindset. Arrive to work ready to work. Arrive engaged and ready to make a difference. It takes the entire company rowing in the same direction to make progress. The same is true for safety.
  • 2. STOP, THINK, ACT.

    Plan the safest path forward. Whether you’re lifting a box, typing at a computer, or driving a truck, take the time to think about how to safely execute your task. Use correct techniques, take strategic breaks, and make sure you’re equipped for safe performance.



    If you see something, say something. We’re all responsible for identifying and fixing unsafe conditions. If you see something that’s unsafe, either fix the unsafe condition or report it to your supervisor.

Safety Resources

Creating a safety-first culture requires diligence and attention to detail. Our safety program supports team members at all levels of the company to learn, review and implement their safety training. 

Safety Hotline

Everyone at Pace must take responsibility for the safety of our work environment.
If you see a problem, please call the Safety Hotline at 844-240-0005

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