Team Member Spotlight

Tray Jones, Logistics Coordinator – Pace Nashville

Tray joined Pace in October of 2019 as a Logistics Coordinator in our Nashville market.  “I had a similar position with my previous employer two years prior to joining Pace,” Tray said.  “I like the overall flow of my job,” he continued.  “I love multi-tasking.  I love a day where I know there’s going to be some structure, the usual routine; but I also know that each day will also be different, and something unusual will come up that I have to think through to get it taken care of.” 
Tray has performed a variety of different jobs in logistics.  He’s been a driver.  He’s done sorting in warehouses.  He loves having contact with our customers, and he describes himself as a “people person.” 
His early on-boarding with Pace was supportive and successful.  “I got a lot of support when I began.  My managers have been very interested and helpful in getting me started, and they continue to check in and be supportive.   Several members of the corporate team were extremely considerate, and I appreciate the excellent open communication I’ve experienced here at Pace,” he said. 
Tray’s message to his fellow Frontline Champions is positive, thankful, and forward-looking.  “I think that we’re going to be a better company as we come out of this [COVID-19 environment],” he stated.  “We’re all looking forward to getting back to business and looking forward to growth – both individually and as a company.”

When asked what is one thing Pace can do for our customers and each other going forward, Tray replied, “I believe in a lot of open communication.  I think that coming out of this, we should communicate even more, not only among ourselves, but also with customers who are re-starting and opening up.  We should check in with them and ask how things are going and how can we help.  Showing concern and consideration is important,” Tray concluded.  “If we show our concern for our customers, that will strengthen our relationships and make all of us better.” 

When you work with Pace, we’ve got your back.

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