Final Mile Logistics in Shreveport

Pace provides cross-dock and final mile services at our Shreveport location in northwest Louisiana.

Our Shreveport operations are located at the Shreveport Regional Airport, Cargo Bay #1, East Air Cargo Complex. Our facility provides 6,000 square feet of cross-dock and final mile service capabilities.

A Top Logistics Company in Shreveport, Louisiana

As the commercial center of the Arkansas – Louisiana – Texas region, Shreveport plays an important role in the area’s logistics operations. Our flexible fleet of small vehicles, vans, and trucks can provide you with custom final mile solutions that will make you – and your customers – very happy! We also offer cross-dock and other regional logistics services to help meet your logistics needs.

Pace Core Values Build Customer Experience

Pace’s core values play a key role in nurturing the customer experience. Willie Mahaffey, Pace Central Region Operations Director and a twenty + year veteran at Pace, shares his perspective on how Pace develops lasting partnerships with shippers. Learn more at The Pace Logistics Lab.

Logistics Services in Shreveport

Pace serves the Arkansas – Louisiana – Texas region by providing a full range of logistics services for shippers in many industries, including flexible, dependable final mile services. Let Pace take care of your logistics needs with a fully customizable service program specifically tailored to your needs.

Find a Logistics Service Provider in Shreveport

We partner with shippers across a wide range of industries, including retaile-commerce, the automotive aftermarketbusiness and industrial supplyhealthcare, and hospitality. If you are looking for a customized logistics service provider in Shreveport, please contact Pace at or call us at 866-410-7222.

Driving Opportunities

If you are interested in employment or contractor opportunities, please email Pace Recruiting at, or, visit our recruiting pages online at and

Your Southeastern Logistics Service Provider

Pace Logistics Locations Map

Solving Logistics Together

Pace connects you to your customers by Solving Logistics Together.  

We are Southeastern logistics experts, building our network across this region for over twenty years. 

Pace is there when you need us. Solving Logistics Together.

Shreveport, Louisiana at a Glance

The Commercial Center

Shreveport is the center of where it all happens at the junction of Louisiana, Arkansas, and Texas.  Besides being the center point of commerce in the region, Shreveport also serves and the educational and cultural center of the area.

The city became the focal point of the oil industry in Louisiana and at one time was considered the national center for oil.  Standard Oil of Louisiana (eventually to become ExxonMobil) and United Gas Company (now Pennzoil) were headquartered in Shreveport.

Business & Education

Companies with significant presence in Shreveport include General Electric, Chick-fil-A, Regions Financial, JPMorgan Chase, and Amazon.

Educational opportunities in Shreveport include Southern University at Shreveport, Louisiana Baptist University, Louisiana Tech University Shreveport, Louisiana State University Shreveport, and Centenary College of Louisiana.

Arts & Culture

The city is home to the largest rose garden in the United States. The Gardens of the American Rose Center comprise 118 acres and are the headquarters of the American Rose Society.

Interesting museums include the Shreveport Railroad Museum and the Shreveport Waterworks Pumping Station.


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